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Behavioral Health Workforce Partnership

In 2023, HealthForce Partners, in collaboration with Behavioral Health Services of San Joaquin County, and with financial support from the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, launched the Behavioral Health Workforce Partnership.

This collaborative effort will infuse the county with much needed healthcare workers, most particularly within our most vulnerable populations. The increased capacity in behavioral health services will enhance local opportunities for residents hoping to pursue behavioral health careers, start to ease the strain upon emergency rooms, and potentially reduce medical care costs for patients and medical facilities.

The program will provide student scholarships and student loan repayments while also offering retention bonuses, payments for certifications, and licensure training for incumbent workers. An expanded and upskilled behavioral health workforce will fuel social mobility and strengthen the local economy. And, most importantly, increasing the number of behavioral health professionals means more people can access the care they need to live healthier lives.

Highlights of the program include:

Preparing up to 50 psychiatric technicians and clinicians and those currently working for the county or a community-based organization who are interested in pursuing mental health degrees

Creating paid internships for approximately 30 students and supervisory positions to enable the students to complete the internships efficiently and move immediately into open roles

Removing barriers to education and career advancement by providing scholarships, retention bonuses, payment of fees and loan forgiveness

For more information, contact:

Christina Gilbert

County Director, San Joaquin County
HealthForce Partners Northern San Joaquin Valley

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