Community Health

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Located in San Joaquin County, HealthForce Partners engages with community-led efforts that address health disparities, education inequities, and social injustices.

San Joaquin Community Health Needs Assessment

HealthForce Partners, in its leadership extension to the Community Health Leadership Council, will participate in the San Joaquin County Community Health Assessment Collaborative in 2021.

The Collaborative was formed in 2004 to complete the San Joaquin Community Health Needs Assessment mandated by the State of California (SB697). This mandate requires non-profit hospitals to document how they are serving their communities so as to produce a functional and comprehensive community health profile. The overall goal of this report is to inform and engage local stakeholders and community members to promote collaborative efforts based on data, community input, and group consensus in order to improve the health of local residents.

Reinvent South Stockton Coalition

HealthForce Partners sits as a Steering Committee member for the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition. Our role as a Steering Committee member is to work with stakeholders and other members of RSSC on a workforce initiative - Cradle to Career NACL task force. The Cradle to Career pipeline initiative gives us an opportunity to hone in on specifically how we can support the local community with their K-12 education through the post-secondary journey when it comes to their healthcare career pursuits.

Stockton Scholars Program

HealthForce Partners participates on the Advisory and Impact Team for the Stockton Scholars Program. Stockton Scholars is a fiscally sponsored program of the Reinvent Stockton Foundation. Both the program and the organization were established in 2018 to address long-standing educational and social inequities in Stockton and to remove barriers for students seeking to access higher education. Through leveraging research, community partnerships, and sustainable investments in our youth, the program will create much-needed change in Stockton for generations to come.

As Advisory Board Member, we support the mission of Stockton Scholars by sharing our voice, resources, and thought partnership with the program team and community to make strides toward the goal of creating a college-going culture in Stockton.