Our Impacts

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Our programs make a difference by:

Convening key sector leaders to train and fill the healthcare workforce pipeline

Expands capacity for healthcare services, resulting in less medical costs and a healthier community

Training a higher-skilled, higher-paid local workforce

Reduces outbound migration and creates a thriving local economy

Creating pathways to higher paying jobs for current healthcare workers through financial assistance and loan forgiveness

Provides educational opportunities for all and addresses systemwide inequities in pay for our region’s healthcare workers, which fuels upward mobility and enhances the quality of life for local residents

Recruiting a local talent pool that represents California’s diversity

Increases access to education for students from historically divested groups, which enhances the local economy and saves hospitals thousands of dollars in training expenses

Filling open clinical supervisory positions

Opens the pipeline for more students to complete clinicals and fill open positions in hospitals, community-based clinics and medical offices

Increasing the pipeline of healthcare workers in Community Based Organizations

Democratizes medical care by addressing shortages in medical personnel in community clinics, ensuring our most vulnerable community members, particularly Medi-Cal recipients, have access to quality care