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Celebrating five years of transformative work in the Northern San Joaquin Valley, HealthForce Partners (HFP) is a healthcare sector partnership that creates and implements new solutions to alleviate healthcare worker shortages. HealthForce Partners develops and supports programs that provide career pathways for local residents, help to alleviate workforce shortages, and enhance the well-being of communities.

With fiscal sponsorship from United Way of San Joaquin County and a board of directors representing many of the Northern San Joaquin Valley's most prominent healthcare institutions, HFP is an employer-driven nonprofit seeking to solve workforce shortages in the healthcare sector with locally grown talent. We collaborate with education, community-based organizations, workforce development agencies and other partners to develop programs that are sustainable, scalable and replicable across multiple counties.

Our work boosts the local economy; attracts, trains and retains local talent; and contributes to the health and well-being of our communities.

Learn more about our programs in the nursing, behavioral health, and allied health professions.

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Our Mission

HealthForce Partners is a healthcare sector partnership for the Northern San Joaquin Valley, catalyzing career pathway opportunities for all residents and growing a skilled and diverse workforce for the industry.

Our Strategic Vision

We adhere to the core principles of “Next Generation Sector Partnerships”

A sector partnership:

Operates in a regional labor market region; it is not defined by jurisdictional or geo-political but rather the natural economic footprint of the targeted industry

Is led by, and continually attracts influential, engaged private sector leaders

Focuses on industry-identified solutions with economic impact, ensuring the industry has what it needs to grow and thrive

Is organized for the long haul and does not depend solely upon grant funding or political will to keep it active

Is supported by a coordinated team of public partners who work together to respond to industry priorities and contribute to the overall success of the partnership; this team draws from multiple organizations such as the region's K-12, post-secondary education, workforce development, economic development, and chambers of commerce

Operates under a shared, up-to-date action plan that continues to be improved and is directly implemented by business leaders; the partnership can demonstrate action on priorities that promote industry growth and competitiveness

Achieves meaningful and measurable outcomes for businesses, the economy, public programs, and jobseekers