Stanislaus Community Foundation Funds Expansion of Health Careers Training

Stanislaus Community Foundation (SCF) has awarded a major, multi-year grant to HealthForce Partners Northern San Joaquin Valley (HFP), a non-profit organization dedicated to building a stronger healthcare workforce in the region. HealthForce Partners is a healthcare sector partnership that creates and implements new solutions to alleviate healthcare worker shortages with locally grown talent. HFP has spent the last five years collaborating with education, community-based organizations, workforce development agencies, and other partners in the San Joaquin Valley to develop programs that are sustainable, scalable, and replicable across multiple counties.

Stanislaus Community Foundation will commit $400,000 over three years from its Stanislaus Health Careers Fund to bring HealthForce Partners' services and expertise to Stanislaus County. "We are excited for the opportunity to expand our work into Stanislaus County," said Paul Lanning, Executive Director of HealthForce Partners of Northern San Joaquin Valley. "Our organization is committed to helping our partner healthcare organizations alleviate persistent workforce shortages, and we believe that by expanding into surrounding counties, we can help meet the growing demand for healthcare professionals in the region.

"We recognize the significant shortage of healthcare workers in our community," said Marian Kaanon, CEO of the Stanislaus Community Foundation. "HealthForce Partners has a proven track record and plays a critical role to provide accessible career pathways.

Developing clear training pipelines will help us retain local talent and ensure that all members of our community have access to the healthcare services they need." Thanks to local funding from Stanislaus Community Foundation, HealthForce Partners will replicate existing programs in San Joaquin County, which are helping to address workforce shortages of nurses, nurse assistants, medical assistants, and behavioral health professionals with locally grown, locally trained professionals. Local plans also include the creation of a County Steering Committee, hiring a Stanislaus County Program Manager, and recruiting additional partners (educational institutions and healthcare employers) to develop and implement new training programs for in-demand jobs. To learn more about HealthForce Partners, please visit

About the Stanislaus Community Foundation

Stanislaus Community Foundation (SCF) is a place-based funder serving the residents of  Stanislaus County. Since 2002, SCF has worked with hundreds of local charitably focused families to invest more than $43 million in philanthropic resources in our region. The vision of Stanislaus Community Foundation is to create a community of choice where people can live, work, and thrive. To support this vision, SCF builds impactful collaborations between donors, nonprofits, and government agencies. For more information, please visit

About HealthForce Partners Northern San Joaquin Valley 

Celebrating its fifth year of transformative work in the Northern San Joaquin Valley, HealthForce Partners is a healthcare sector partnership that creates and implements new solutions to alleviate healthcare worker shortages. Composed of leaders from healthcare, education, government, and workforce development agencies, HealthForce Partners develops and supports programs that provide career pathways for local residents, help alleviate workforce shortages, and enhance the well-being of local communities.

by HFP | May 08 2023 12:51 PM
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