The VET Pathways Work Team develops and implements strategies to:

  • Connect veterans with prior allied health/medical training and experience to “civilian” healthcare careers

The Team will have achieved its purpose when:

  • Participating employers are able to fill needed healthcare occupations
  • Local veterans have increased opportunity to pursue and advance in healthcare careers


  • Develop systems to transition, train, and support veterans to healthcare careers 
  • Develop roadmap to guide veterans interested in healthcare careers
  • Identify and address barriers to accessing healthcare careers post-military 
  • Actively participate as a productive team member
  • Awareness of training and employment policies as related to veterans

Current Projects

  • San Joaquin Delta College and Veterans Health Administration, Palo Alto Partnership
    – Veterans Entry and Participation (Delta College Health Sciences
    – Continued Pathway from military, Intermediate Care Technician (ICT)