The RN Pathways Work Team develops and implements strategies to:

  • Advance career pathways in Nursing 
  • Address the needs of healthcare employers by increasing the training capacity for nursing from certificate through advanced degree nursing programs.
  • Expand career opportunities in nursing for local residents.

The Team will have achieved its purpose when:

  • Participating employers are able to fill needed nursing positions; and
  • Local residents have increased opportunity to pursue and advance in nursing careers.


  • Develop strategies to advance nursing pathways and improve regional hiring and retention of individuals in varying levels of nursing (e.g. CNA, LVN, ADN, BSN, MSN)
  • Develop systems to train and support nursing career advancement 
  • Identify and address barriers to nursing training 
  • Actively participate as a productive team member
  • Track nursing-related training programs 
  • Map nursing training capacity in the Northern San Joaquin Valley
  • Track trends in nursing and specialty nursing

CUrrent programming

Helping Our People Elevate (HOPE) RN Co-Enrollment Pipeline Pilot Program

The first HOPE Program incumbent worker track cohort

Helping Our People Elevate (HOPE) program fast tracks high school students and incumbent workers on a pathway to a nursing career. The first program of its kind! The HOPE program has two tracks:

HOPE Program Incumbent Worker Track

The incumbent worker track prepares 25 participants from local facilities – Lodi Adventist Memorial, St. Joseph’s Dignity Health, Community Medical Centers, and San Joaquin General Hospital – to become nurses through a fast track nursing program at San Joaquin Delta College.

HOPE Program High School Track

22 High school students attending Health Careers Academy are currently taking their college pre-requisites and will begin their nursing college courses at San Joaquin Delta College in 2021.