The MA Pathways Work Team develops and implements strategies to:

  • Address career pathways through nursing certificate programs
  • Expand opportunities for local residents to become MAs and for current MAs to advance in their careers.

The Team will have achieved its purpose when:

  • Participating employers experience appropriately qualified candidates resulting in reduced vacancies
  • Local residents have increased opportunity to on-board entry-level healthcare career

Current projects

MA Certification Boot Camp at Lodi Adult School

22 incumbent workers from Community Medical Centers (CMC) were enrolled in an intensive and fast-paced 6-week full commitment program at Lincoln Technical Academy/Lodi Adult School. Through the program, participants prepared for the California Certifying Board for Medical Assistants (CCMBA) certification and have registered to take the exam later this year. 

Through the collaborative educational partnership of Lincoln Technical Academy/Lodi Adult School, the training and curriculum have been tailored to fit the employment and skills requirements of CMC.