The CNA Pathways Work Team develops and implements strategies to:

  • Address career pathways in nursing
  • Expand opportunities for local residents to become CNAs and for current CNAs to advance in their careers.

The Team will have achieved its purpose when: 

  • Participating employers are able to fill needed Certified Nursing Assistant positions, and;
  • Local residents have increased opportunities to pursue and advance in nursing careers.


  • Develop strategies to improve regional capacity to train CNAs and support their career advancement
  • Development a system to train CNAs and support their advancement 
  • Pursue innovative solutions to barriers  
  •   Actively participate as a productive team memberTrack performance of CNA-related training programs 
  • Map CNA training capacity in the Northern San Joaquin Valley
  • Track trends in nursing

Current Projects

  • CNA San Joaquin Delta College Program Expansion 
  • CNA program at Stockton and Lodi Adult Schools
  • Partnering Skilled Nursing Facilities with Adult Schools and Delta College to support clinical training