In the first phase of the project, interviews with regional leaders from healthcare, education, and workforce development revealed strong support for a more strategic approach to developing the healthcare workforce, including better coordination among educational providers and stronger alignment of programs with industry needs. (For more information, see a report of key findings from Phase 1.)

In the second phase of the project, a successful organizing effort secured commitments of participation and support from multiple healthcare employers and from educational and workforce development organizations whose involvement is critical to the success of the sector partnership. (For more information, see lists of the project’s industry leadership and strategic partners.)

In the third phase of the project, the partners conducted a planning initiative that built upon these accomplishments, established HealthForce Partners, and determined its initial priorities. Guided by facilitators with expertise in strategic planning and sector partnerships, the partners met to resolve key questions, including priority workforce needs, organizational structure, and partner roles.

Having concluded its planning initiative, HealthForce Partners launched on June 14, 2018. The partnership is now in its inaugural year.