The Behavioral Health Career Pathway Work Team develops and implements strategies to:

  • Identify and advance career pathways in Behavioral Health.
  • Address the needs of healthcare employers by increasing the training capacity for Behavioral Health from certificate, degree, and licensure training programs.

The Team will have achieved its purpose when:

  • Participating employers are able to fill (250+) needed behavioral health positions; and
  • Local residents have increased opportunity to pursue and advance in behavioral health careers.


  • Develop strategies to advance Behavioral Health pathways and improve regional hiring and retention of individuals in varying levels of Behavioral Health occupations
  • Develop systems to train and support career advancement 
  • Pursue innovative solutions that address training and employment barriers
  • Actively participate as a productive team member
  • Track Behavioral Health-related training programs 
  • Map Behavioral Health training capacity in the Northern San Joaquin Valley
  • Track trends in Behavioral Health careers

Current Projects

  • Establish curricula understanding across participating educational institutions to meet Behavioral Health employment qualifications
  • Develop outreach and recruitment strategy between educational/training programs and Behavioral Health employment opportunities
  • Review Behavioral Health employment descriptions to reflect current minimum qualifications, desired qualifications, and opportunities for experience equivalency