Every week, we share a weekly round-up of resources to help support you and your community.

New relief for renters homeowners, and small landlords

No tenant can be evicted before Feb. 1, 2021 as a result of rent owed due to a COVID-19 related hardship between Mar. 4 – Aug. 31, 2020, tenant must provide a declaration of hardship. For a COVID-19 related hardship between Sep. 1, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021, tenants must also pay at least 25 percent of the rent due to avoid eviction.

Living in Shared housing safety guidelines

CDC has provided safety guidelines for shared housing spaces. Shared housing like apartments, condominiums, student or faculty housing, and domestic violence and abuse shelters often gather closely and may have trouble with social distancing. The guide includes what to do if a resident is diagnosed with COVID-19 and how to protect yourself.


Create CA has curated a selection of resources that allow kids to learn about and engage with the arts while homeschooling, or just stuck at home. Not only are they educational, but they can relieve stress and allow kids to pass time in fun and productive ways.

Lost Wages Assistance program

Lost Wages Assistance program will provide an additional $300 per week for people who
receive at least $100 per week in unemployment benefits. If you qualify, payments are for weeks of unemployment dating back to July 26, even if you are paid later.

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