HealthForce Partners and Futuro Health have joined efforts in the form of a collaborative partnership to support Spanish speaking Adult Education students in the Northern San Joaquin Valley interested in pursuing an allied health career.

Futuro Health was established by Kaiser Permanente and SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW) to grow the largest network of credentialed allied healthcare workers. Futuro Health offers an online curriculum: English for Allied Health, for Spanish speakers and aims to recruit 1,000 Spanish speakers in California. 

“Futuro Health’s mission is to improve the health and wealth of all communities. Our partnership with HealthForce Partners is exciting because they are already are working in the healthcare space and in communities that need additional allied healthcare workers. Our online programs can complement the work that is already being done,” said Lynn Shaw, PhD, Director of Special Programs of Futuro Health. 

The large Spanish speaking population of California, and in particular, across the Northern San Joaquin Valley region presents the opportunity to engage with this diverse and underrepresented community.

“There are more than 220 languages spoken in California and 44% of California households speak a language other than English. Nearly seven million Californians report they speak English “less than very well.’ Futuro Health wants to ensure that our allied healthcare workforce represents communities represented in California,” says Shaw.

With this new partnership between Futuro Health and HealthForce Partners, Futuro Health is able to share and expand their allied health programs into the Northern San Joaquin Valley

“In diversifying our workforce to best meet the dynamic needs of our growing and aging population, we aim to support individuals who have the linguistic and cultural skills that would make them an asset to the allied health workforce, said Christina Bastida-Gonzalez, Executive Director of HealthForce Partners. “There is a unique opportunity to establish an allied health talent pipeline with the Adult Education Spanish speaking population

HealthForce Partners aims to work with the Delta Sierra Adult Education (DSAEA), a consortium of Adult Education; to comprehensively integrate Adult Education into local/regional allied health career paths while simultaneously supporting Futuro Health in its goal of allied health workforce development across the state of California. 

English for Allied Health course has no tuition or registration fee in 2020. Participants pay only a $20/month membership for education and training.

For more information about Futuro’s program, visit:

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