Restaurants deliver: Home Meals for Seniors

This first-in-the-nation program will ensure vulnerable older Californians have consistent access to nutritious meals.

The program enlists local restaurants to prepare meals that will be delivered to older Californians who are isolated at home

California MEals For kids app

“CA Meals for Kids” mobile app helps students and families find meals during school closures. The app can filter searches by service status, location, and meal types.

The mobile app is free for download on iOS, Android, or Microsoft devices.

Friendship line

Friendship Line California is open to support lonely and isolated older Californians across the state. The line is toll-free and available to provide emotional support to those who are facing loneliness and anxiety.
• Friendship Line California: 1-888-670-1360


#CaliforniansForAll is an initiative and website aimed at organizing volunteers in the effort to provide communities with additional help from the public. Get involved to help your community safely.

Some examples include volunteering at food banks, delivering meals, online tutoring, and volunteering at shelters.

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